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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 22, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next at 6:00, a long-time san francisco restaurant defies orders to shut down. now the port says the owners are trespassing. a third police shooting in the bay area in less than ten hours. why officers opened fire outside a south bay convenience store. later, new frontier for self-driving cars. the historic cross-country journey that started today at san francisco's treasure island. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening. i'm katie marzullo. a battle is brewing on the bay. sin bad's restaurant, which has been serving food and drinks on pier 2 for decades, continues to do so tonight even though the port authority says it was supposed to shut down today.
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sergio? >> reporter: sin bad's has been in that same spot since the summer of 1975 and the owner tells me he and his crew have survived plenty of ups and downs over the decades. he says he does see the end of the line for his restaurant, but it's not this weekend. sinbad's is one of only a handful of old watering holes still open on the embarcadero spectacular view of the bray bridge has been a hallmark of the spot but the port has been planning an expansion of ferry and water taxi service and sinbad's is slated to be demolished so three new piers can be built. a spokesperson provided me with a statement. she says quote, according to an agreement they signed in december 2012, they were required to vacate the premises by december 2014. the port gave. the an extension until march 21
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2015. at this point, they are willfully trespassing. >> we have communication from them saying that we are welcome to stay until the spring of next year. at which time they would then need the property. >> reporter: he says wuta, the agency he is talking about there, the water emergency transportation authority the agency that operates the san francisco bay ferry service. he says he and his restaurant are in a catch-22 with two different burke bureaucracies and is hoping to negotiate a extension until next spring but it's unclear because the port of san francisco is the landlord here and according to the spokesperson, because of this agreement that is signed and because it says they say they're willfully defying that order, they're going to go to court to try to get an eviction.
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reporting live in san francisco, abc7 news. developing news out of novato where a nine-year-old boy fell 30 feet from the rooftop of hamilton elementary school. our media partner the marin independent journal reports paramedics rushed the boy to hospital with head and back pain but is conscious. the boy was playing with friends at the school when it happened. school district officials could not be reached for comment. the balboa park bart station in san francisco has re-opened after a person died under a b.a.r.t. train. the station shut down just after 12:30 this afternoon. the train was eastbound. the closure affected trains traveling to san francisco airport, millbrae, and the east bay directions for several hours. officials are still investigating the man's death. an armed robbery suspect is dead tonight after being shot by 230 santa clara police officers. it happened during the robbery of a convenience store this
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morning. cornell bernard is live in santa clara with details. >> reporter: it's not every day police arrive at the very same time a robbery suspect is leaving but that's what happened this morning at the 7-eleven. the suspect whose name has not been released walked out with cash and a loaded gun and was confront by santa clara police. >> the cell phone video shows the chaos outside the 7-eleven store where police shot and killed the suspected armed robber. this neighbor still too rattled to show her face. >> by that sign, and then you heard something you woke up here it's scary. still scared right now. >> seen the cops with the guns drawn, one right here at the entrance to the parking lot. >> reporter: a neighbor heard the gunshots. >> how many shots? >> i heard, like five, six maybe. >> reporter: it began between two officers drove up by coincidence. >> the officers witnessed an armed robbery in progress where
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the suspect fired a shot at the clerk. >> reporter: the suspect missed and took out a chunk of the floor. police were waiting for the man outside and told him to drop his weapon. >> the officers confronted the suspect, and he failed to comply with the officers' orders and subsequently the officers fearing for their lives and safety of citizens that were in the parking lot, to discharged their firearm fatally wounding the suspect. >> i got scared because my first time seeing gunshots and i ran outside and the person was dead. >> i was kind of mad. they're killing >> neighbors say the sound of gunfire is rare. >> woke up crying because of the sound, the noise. >> two officers involved in the shooting will be placed on paid leave during the investigation. in santa clara cornell bernard abc7 news. >> today's incident in santa clara is the third officer-involved shooting in the bay area within eight hours. around 6:00 last night vallejo
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police shot a man who was armed with a notify and a replica gun near the sleep train store. the man later died and police found a note in his drug apologizing for forces officers to end his life. in richmond investigators identified man shot and wind bay police sergeant during a gun battle last night. it was just after 7:00. they say the 19-year-old daniel tolosa failed to pull over in a traffic stop and led police on a chase for the mile. police say he ditched the can and ran and exchanged gunfire with the sergeant twice. officer was not hit. your tax money paid for more than a billion dollars in overtime for state employees last year. that's most overtime since before the recession in 2008. california had 20,000 more employees that year. governor brown's administration blames unexpected costs and jobs that are hard to fill when employees take time off. most of the overtime comes from the department of corrections
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where prisons have had staffing problems for some time now. forestry and fire protection have the second most o.t. because of the severe fire season, and that is followed by the highway patrol state hospitals, and transportation. some parts of the bay area saw showers today but they were fleeting. abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma has the latest with live doppler 7hd. >> just some light areas of moisture moving through for the first half of our sunday. take a look at rain totals from past 24 hours. mt. diablo, .06, and santa rosa and hayward, .001 of an inch of rain. switching to live doppler 7hd some you'll notice rain showers off the coast. this is ahead of a cold front and some moisture will dive south. so what we are seeing in the forecast, the cloud build back in overnight tonight. a light shower cannot be ruled out. the drizzle will stick around
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for the monday morning rush and then we're tracking record warmth for thursday and friday. we'll go hour by hour and track the warm numbers in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> the lack of rain this season is serious and is going cause more problems in the future. that what governor brown said this merge when he was talking about california's drought. last week, state lawmakers announced plans for a $1 billion aid package to help people affected by the dry conditions. governor brown says the drought is traced to the buildup of carbon from coal and other sources. >> coal companies are not as important as the people of america and the people of the world, and i think this has to be almost at the level of a crusade to wake people up and take the steps intelligently carefully, but nevertheless forcefully, from this point going forward. >> the governor says leaders need to take measures to prevent conditions from getting even worse because it's not raining. businesses around lake tahoe are looking beyond skiing as
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they rethink how to attract visitors during the colder winter months. these are live peck tours from heavenly mountain resort which was open today, but the sugar bowl resort called it quits today. sierra at tahoe closed for the year last weekend. it's now trying to promote itself as aing we venue. squaw valley hosted a blue grass music and beer festival this weekend after having to cancel a world cup ski and snowboarding event this month. still ahead at 6:00 a new era of soccer kicks off in the south bay. the brand new stadium broken in today. an unforgettable day of baseball for these kids. the special matchup that happened in the east bay. later, the show of support for bay area -- a bay area worker with can
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there's now professional soccer in the south bay. [cheering] >> and with that chant of earthquakes the san jose earthquakes took the field for the first time the new stadium this afternoon. a sold-out crowd is watching the game. is this is the bay area's first soccer specific stadium, the first cloud enabled stadium allowing for an interactive experience for fans. highlights in a few minutes in sports. the first sunday of spring means opening day for the pleasanton little league champ lingers, the team is made up of local boys and girls four to 18 with physical and mental challenges. they were buddied up today with the amador valley baseball team.
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they were instructed in fielding and of course encouraged. >> everybody having a good time lots of parents players having a good time. the high school players are having a good time. they love supporting us, getting to interact with the kids and just having a great time in the spirit of baseball. >> more than 30,000 children participate in 900 challenger divisions worldwide. pleasanton currently has two challenger teams. coming up next on abc7 news at 6:00, the historic journey that kicked off in san francisco this morning. the team that is taking a self-driving car cross-country. and we may see a little more wet wisconsin ahead. abc7 meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> a terrible day to be a two seed, travis trice leading a sparty party as an acc team
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this self-driving suv to head ace from treasure island to new york city, one employee tweeted this -- these photos this morning. an operator will be behind the wheel at all times in case of trouble but the car will drive itself the whole way thanks to cameras, lasers and radars to help navigate curves and stoplights. the car's response time is faster than humans. tomorrow is national puppy day and we're having a big adoption event tomorrow morning. we'll have photos sent in by many of you. this is a picture of chewbacca sent in to us by its owner michelle. and jennifer sent us this photo of brothers spartan and bubba cuddling during a nap. send us a snapshot our your favorite pup. and join is tomorrow morning at 4:30. we'll be live dreaming 0 our puppy cam all morning and we'll tell you how maybe you can take
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home a rescue dog. over to abc7 meteorologist drew tuma. a check of the forecast and the puppy day forecast. >> you got to wake up early and see the puppies. they're going to be awesome. live doppler 7hd is showing you good news. we are tracking a little bit of rain. it's well to the north right now, and it's all ahead of a cold front. a lot of this moisture will be sliding south in the overnight hours. taking you live outside showing you the puffy cumulus clouds. the sun going down at 7:23 and the sun fighting the cloud cover and temperatures were on the cool side. right now it's 60 degrees in downtown san francisco. oakland as well. 59 in danville, mountain view, 63. satellite and radar will show you early on today we had clouds breaking for some sunshine mid-day. those clouds are filling back in. notice a little moisture
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starting to appear on live doppler 7hd as it approaches the coast. the wider view will show you much of the moisture to the north of us. the reason why high pressure. a lot of dry air with the high pressure essentially eating away the moisture. there's some rain developing, not everywhere and not heavy but in the forecast. it's out by the afternoon. the cold front swings through and by monday evening we're clearing out our skies. unfortunately not a soaking rain but we're gifting less than a tenth of an inch around many locations. i think of some areas may see a sweet spot of rain, maybe quarter inch. in terms of snowfall with the system, you're fighting warmer temperatures this time of the year so snowfall limited in the sierra with this storm. above 7,000 feet, maybe one 20
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-- one to two inches and then the heat pump turns back on and by thursday afternoon many spots getting near 80 degrees. and then by friday we're talking about record warmth around here mid-80s, some sports nearing 90 inland, even route the bay temperatures well above normal. so overnight lows tonight, clouds drizzle falling into the mid-and-low 60s overnight tonight. and then for your monday, the drizzle first thing, then we break for sunshine and dryer skies in the afternoon. 63 in san francisco, 6 5 richmond. 64 fremont. 67, san jose antioch, 69. so here's your accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow a spotty and drizzle turning to drier skies in the afternoon. by tuesday the front gets out. more in the way of sunshine and temperatures rebound into the low 70s. by wednesday we're turning warmer. that's when we start to see a few 80s pop up. thursday the warm wind kicks in
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temperatures ten to 15 degrees above normal. friday nearing 90 inland. this could be record warmth and the weekend is sunny and mild, and sunday we're bright and temperatures are still above average. we'll have update timing on the rain moving in at 11:00. >> okay, thank you, drew. >> collin rush. i feel like shu left you hamming and you have to be the bearer of bad news with all the bracts. >> i wonder what he did in his break. i'm sure he like the rest of us. thinking right now. felt good coming into today but not any longer. from one spartan to another, warrior forward draymond green texted michigan state senior guard travis trice and read, don't let this be your last game. trice took it to heart and took down virginia. draymond, magic johnson plenty of support. they jumped on the cavs early. dawson the block, trice leak ought for the dunk.
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nothing easy for the wahoos. 30% shooting from the field. they couldn't buy one from 3-point range, 2-17 from beyond the arc, trice and dawson were pretty good. dawson, fouled on the dunk attempt and goes in. ten point second half lead for the spartans. too much for virginia to overcome. trice, dagger three. had a game, high 23 points. tournament staple michigan state into another sweet 16, winning 60-54. night state coach and couple players dealing with a sick stomach and it showed against duke. the blue devils turned defense into offense, oak acore trailing and dunking. winslow would be the guy right here. winslow and okafor. both freshman combined for 39 points, duke wins big. they'll meet utah in the round of 16. midst region, kansas, the other
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two seed going down today. beaten by wichita state 78 65. in the east date top's run comes to an end oklahoma beat them 72-66. the new home of the san jose earthquakes is officially open for business. the 100 million avaya stadium seeing its first action this afternoon. it's a thing of beauty. the largest outdoor bar in north america. that's nice. all t mennities the players want. fans love the esthetics. and also love that the team can score goals this year. four and a half minutes in the answer to a future trivia question lashay responsible for the first goal at the stadium and his first career mls goal. 'harden with his first mls goal in his 100th career appearance. this game went final a few minutes ago.
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final round of the arnold palmer at bay hill. yesterday daniel burger recorded the first al practices to here. today zach johnson with the second one. pure with the 5 iron from 206 yards. a 2 on the par-5. also called a double eagle. johnson finished at minus 12. matt every takes the lead we one. henrik step send on 18 to force a playoff with every. slides it by. every at 19-under. gets the win. his two pga tour victories have both come at arnie's event. >> cack thus league action. giants against the angels and matt duffy 150 pounds, but has in pop. tied at one. madison bumgarner longest outing bay giants starter this spring, goes six innings and then gregor blanco, some "d." giants fall 3-2 then 42-to the
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royals. the a's lose to the reds 4-3. nascar in fontana jeff gordon goes jedi on david ragan get out you little -- 14 laps to go. matt cancelling stalls. he finished 31st. kurt busch leading with two laps remain budget kyle larson, bumper flies off. that opened the door for brad keselowski on the second attempt at a green-white-checkered finish. he led one lap all day and wins it. you can find a new frontier. there's
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nothing stopping you and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise. it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can.
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>> join us tonight on kofy tv 20. we'll show you the big cleanup in the north bay you. won't believe how much garbage workers removed from this park. and then at 11:00 details in a crash that took the life of a concord man. a video that shows what happened and the help the family is getting to cope. the danceoff today to raise money for children's hospital oakland in honor of a san ramon costco employee who is battling cancer. dozens of girls performed at the dance academy to help her raise money for children's hospital. we told you about arley's battle with multiple sclerosis and diagnosis with kidney cancer, he says his life-long dream is to give back to those less fortunate. it's wonderful. good luck. thank you for watching. see you at 9:0:0
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